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Useful tips

You need to be in the queue. You can do this by registering on our website.
You need a Swedish personal identity number to be able to register on our website. If you don’t have one, please contact us at 013-20 85 00.
All our available apartments are shown under the heading: Lediga bostäder (Search available apartments). If you are interested you need to log in to Mina Sidor (My Pages) to fill in an application.
On the website you can see how many points you need to be among the top five with the highest queue points.

If you are interested in acquiring an accommodation at Stångåstaden, you have to register in our housing queue.

The waiting time in the queue starts from the day you register. Every day in queue gives you one point. If you are already a Stångåstaden tenant, the number of queue points will start counting from the day you moved into your current home.

Stay active to keep your points and your place in queue
The easiest way to do this is by logging on to Mina sidor (my pages)  at our website and update your queue and contact information. Then you will also get a reminder to your e-mail address when it is time to update you profile again. If you have forgotten your password, you can click on Glömt lösenord. Then we will send you a new password to your sta​ted e-mail address.  Remember to update your profile at Mina sidor if you should decide on changing your personal information, such as your e-mail address. Otherwise you will risk not receiving the reminder notice.

Other rules for registering
In order to register in the housing queue, the applicant must be at least 17 years of age. Queue points are personal; you cannot register and gain points on behalf of another person. Queue points cannot be ​added up with someone elses’, they are always personal.

If you move in to a Stångåstaden apartment, your queue points will be set to zero the day your contract is registered in your name. This applies to all signatories of the contract.

Tenants who abuse the system by not getting in touch when required, or who are absent from appointments, run the risk of being barred for a period of time.

When vacant apartments are presented on the website, a preferred target group may be indicated (as this group will suit the specific property/building/area). These apartments are offered to the person with the most queue points within that target group. The target groups thatcan be stated are: young people, families with children, adults without children, seniors from 55 years of age and up. secure housing and students.

In exceptional cases priority can be granted. A priority claim must be verified.

Prior to receiving an invitation to view the apartment, Stångåstaden will conduct a credit check to verify the applicants’ financial circumstances. An applicant will also need to submit references, in particular from previous landlords and/or employers.

Log on to Mina sidor to check your queue point status. ​

Stångåstaden offers safe, affordable and environmentally friendly housing in one of the leading housing companies in Sweden. Signing a rental agreement means entering into an important business relationship with rights and obligations. Our aim is to ensure that all tenants feel comfortable and safe living in a Stångåstaden property.

Anyone who meets the requirements of Stångåstaden´s rental policy can sign a contract and become a tenant of Stångåstaden.

The Rental Policy

• The prospective tenant must be 18 years old by the time the contract is signed. The age requiement to register in the housing queue is 17 years of age.

• The prospective tenant must be able to pay the rent for the apartment in question. If the income is deemed insufficient, a guarantor may be requested.

• All amounts owed to Stångåstaden and any other landlord must be settled in full.

• If the prospective tenant has several or major payment defaults or other debts that may impair the tenant´s ability to pay the rent, an individual assessment will be carried out.

• Previous tenancies must be free of any disturbance complaints.

• An applicable housing insurance policy must be in place.

• The number of people living in the apartment shall be suitable for the size of the accommodation.

• Tenants who have resided less than 12 months will not be given priority when wishing to move to other housing.

The majority of the vacant apartments are allocated in accordance with the number of queue points held by those applying for housing. However, Stångåstaden does retain the right to choose its tenants.

Click here to access Stångåstadens Rental Policy in its entirety.

How to apply:

1. During your first visit you must register your personal details. Once registered it is not necessary to go through the process again, all you need to do is log in using your Swedish social security number and your password.

2. To be able to submit an application for an apartment you must click on to Sök bostad. Here are listed all the vacant apartments.

3. Click on the apartments to access additional information. To indicate that you are interested in a particular apartment, click on to Intresseanmälan and submit an application.

4. Click on Åter sökresult to return to Sök Bostad.

5. Under Min Sida you can see which apartments you have submitted an application and which ones you have been given an invitation to view.

When you are invited to view
When you have been sent an invitation via e-mail/letter to view an apartment, access Mina sidor where you will find the contact details for the person who will show you the apartment. Having viewed the apartment you can then accept or refuse. If you do not reply to the invitation it will be assumed that you have refused the invitation.

It is your responsibility to keep your personal details updated. You may miss an invitation to view if we are not able to come in contact with you due to incorrect contact details.

When you sign the contract, you will need to bring a certificate proving that you have a steady income. If you do not have an income but have savings, they must be sufficient to cover six months rent and money to live on.
Bring an interpreter for when we go through the important things you need to know when you rent from us. For example: that you need home insurance, what to do if something breaks, etc.