Rental Policy

With the comfort and safety of Stångåstaden

Stångåstaden offers safe, affordable and environmentally friendly housing in one of the leading housing companies in Sweden. Signing a rental agreement means entering into an important business relationship with rights and obligations. Our aim is to ensure that all tenants feel comfortable and safe living in a Stångåstaden property.

Anyone who meets the requirements of Stångåstaden´s rental policy can sign a contract and become a tenant of Stångåstaden.

The Rental Policy requires that:

  • The prospective tenant must be 18 years old by the time the contract is signed.​
  • The prospective tenant must be able to pay the rent for the apartment in question. If the income is deemed insufficient, a contract can still be arranged but an approved guarantor or other guarantee of rental payment may be requested.
  • All amounts owed to Stångåstaden and any other landlord must be settled in full.
  •  If the prospective tenant has several or large payment defaults or other debts that may impair the tenant´s ability to pay the rent, an individual assessment will be carried out.
  • Previous tenancies must be free of any disturbance complaints.
  • An applicable housing insurance policy must be in place.
  • The majority of vacant apartments are allocated in accordance with the number of queue points held by those applying for housing.
  • When vacant apartments are presented on the website, a preferred target group maybe indicated as this group will suit the specific property/building/area. These apartments are offered to the person with the most queue points within the specified target group. The target groups are young people; families with children; adults without children and Senior 55+.
  • In exceptional cases priority can be granted. A priority claim must be verified.

Priority for existing tenants:
According to certain criteria, priority for existing tenants may be given, primarily within the same area where the tenant already resides.

The criteria are:
Accessibility needs, for instance lift or ground floor.
Case of death, a smaller apartment is needed.
Separation, registered at the same address​