About Stångåstaden

​Stångåstaden is the largest housing company in Linköping and is owned by the municipality of Linköping. The company owns and manages approximately 18,500 apartments of which 4,200 of are student flats and which are managed by the subsidiary Studentbostäder i Linköping AB. Furthermore, in the company portfolio are 34 homes which are culturally listed and located in the area called Gamla Linköping; these are managed by the subsidiary Kulturfastigheter. In total, Stångåstaden owns about 26 per cent of the homes in the municipality.

The Company Vision

One step ahead. The Company vision is a compass, guiding us towards our goal. In our picture of the future we see ourselves as a driving force in an expanding city. By focusing on our tenants, employees and a sustainable future we contribute towards development and innovation – One step ahead.



Kulturfastigheter is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stångåstaden. Currently, the company owns approximately 90 buildings in Gamla Linköping, the nature reserve Vallaskogen, Valla recreational areas, Bäckagården, Krogen Amerika, Stenhusgården on Storgatan as well as a small building on Hunnebergsgatan.

The company's operations comprise of owning, maintaining and developing the properties, buildings and environments in the areas mentioned above including other culturally listed buildings in the Linköping municipality.

Studentbostäder AB
The number of students in Linköping is close to 28,000, of which 25% have a rental agreement with Studentbostäder. The company owns and manages around 4,200 student flats which are located in close proximity to the University. The largest of these areas Ryd with 2,700 dwellings. Other areas include Flamman and Fjärilen in Gottfridsberg, Lambohov, Valla and T1.

The History

At the outbreak of WW2 in 1939, there was an acute shortage of housing in Sweden, spawning ideas for publicly-owned housing companies. 

As companies in the Linköping area, in particular SAAB, started to grow, the population of Linköping increased by 2,000 annually from 1940. In the previous year, 1939,  a motion proposed in the City Council addressed the need to take necessary steps to deal with the increasing shortage of housing. This led to the formation of the company Råbergahus on 2 October 1942. The intention was to supply good housing at an affordable rent to the inhabitants of Linköping. The first building was completed in the following year in Råberga on what is now called Gamla Tanneforsvägen.

The driving force behind this project was Carl Johansson. Following a new motion in the City Council the company was reorganised, allocated considerably larger resources and given additional directives.

On 28 December 1948, the company changed its name to AB Stångåstaden and a period of extensive construction in Linköping followed. Since its establihsment Stångåstaden has been tasked with ensuring that Linköping has affordable housing to satisfy the growing population.

Customer Panel​

Stångåstaden has established a Customer Panel comprising of 10 young tenants in the age group 18-25 years, all of which are interested in having some influence on our business.

The members of this Panel are called Young Consultants and their role is to participate in meetings with the Management Group where they will discuss developing and improving the company. Meetings are held four times a year and the participants of the Panel are recompensed for their time. 

The Customer Panel is very important to Stångåstaden as the members provide an insight into how young people view housing, development of the housing areas as well as contributing with valuable proposals relating to decisions. In return the participants are given the unique opportunity to network and discuss strategic future issues.
First meeting
The first meeting was held 4 November 2014 and resulted in interesting discussions and several good ideas on how to improve recycling.

Second meeting
On 20 January a second meeting was held and matters such as Rental policy and safety and security in the housing areas were discussed.

At the first meeting the participants were asked to submit topics for subsequent meetings and rental policy and security were two of these.​

Queue points​

The waiting time in the queue starts the day you sign up. Each subsequent day is one additional point. If you are a Stångåstaden tenant your collection of points start from the occupancy date of your current home.
In order to join our waiting list, you must be 17 years old. The queue points are personal and therefore you cannot join on someone else's behalf. The queue points cannot be added together, they are always personal.

If you leave Stångåstaden or move from one of our flats to another, your queue points are void and your place in the queue is cancelled the day you terminate the contract.

If you move to Stångåstaden your queue points are void and your place in the queue is cancelled the day the contract is registered. This applies to all signatories of the contract.

Customers who abuse the system by not getting in touch or who are absent from appointments run the risk of being barred for a period of time.

When presenting flats on our website, we sometimes indicate a preferred target group which suits the entrance/building/area. These flats are offered to the person with the most queue points within that target group. The target groups are Youths; Family with children; Adults without children; Seniors 55+; 70+ and Students.

Priority treatment ca be given in exceptional cases. Such priority claim must be verified.

Prior to giving an offer for a flat, a credit check will be conducted if the financial situation of the applicant is not known. 

Stångåstaden will require references, primarily from a previous landlord or/and employer.

Log on to Min sida to check your queue point status.

If you are not yet registered with Stångåstaden, click here and start collecting points.

Welcome to Stångåstaden.

Rental Policy

Stångåstaden offers safe, affordable and environmentally friendly living in one of the leading housing companies in Sweden. Signing a rental agreement means entering an important business relationship with rights and obligations. Our aim is to ensure that all tenants feel comfortable and safe living in a Stångåstaden property.

Anyone who meets the requirements of Stångåstaden´s rental policy can sign a contract and become a tenant of Stångåstaden.

The Rental Policy

The prospective tenant must be 18 years old by the time the contract is signed. The age requirement for joining the rental waiting list is 17 years old.

The prospective tenant must be able to pay the rent for the flat applied for. If the income is deemed insufficient, a surety may be requested as collateral.

All amounts owed to Stångåstaden and other landlords must be settled

If the prospective tenant have several or larger payment defaults or other debts that may impair the tenant´s ability to pay the rent, an individual assessment is made.​